Serial Podcast Season 3 - A Look Inside the Criminal Justice System

Serial Podcast

If a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe a podcast is worth a few hundred words. When an asked about what I do on a daily basis it can sometimes be hard to explain to someone who is not familiar with the criminal justice system. Well, now I can point people in the direction of a podcast for a few insights in what a day-in-the-life of a criminal defense attorney might be like.

The extremely popular, and award winning, “Serial” podcast, an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, is turning its sights on the inner-workings of the criminal justice system. Season 3 is described as a year inside a typical American courthouse.

Only four episodes have aired thus far, but the reception has been resoundingly positive. From the perspective of a criminal defense attorney, the first episode fairly encapsulates what many criminal defense attorneys experience on a day-today basis. The show takes place inside a courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio. However, from what has taken place thus far, it could be any courthouse in America.

For anyone interested in what it is like to practice criminal law, I recommend listening to Season 3 of the Serial podcast.